The Auditions – Playtime

The auditions for the upcoming production of Fessenden Follies by David Fennario and directed by Glen Robinson will take place the weekend of June 2,3, 2018 at the following locations

Saturday June 2 at Wyman Church from 1-5pm

Sunday June 3 at Community Center from 6-10pm

The format for these auditions will be a little different. We are asking you to participate in a workshop that involves acting, singing, dance, and audience participation. We will be doing this in groups throughout the two sessions. We are asking the applicants to check all of the categories they would like to participate in. Please choose on of the two sessions and we will get back to you with a start time.

And so, I’ve renamed the audition. It’s Playtime! Nothing to prepare, just come prepared to play!

It’s gonna be fun!

*REHEARSAL DATES September, October 2018

*PERFORMANCE DATES November 8,9,10,11,15,16,17,18, 2018

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Saturday June 2, 2018 – Wyman Church 1-5pmSunday June 3, 2018 – Community Center 6-10pm

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